Facebook Promoted Posts: Buy a larger audience

Today Facebook started rolling out a new featured called promoted posts, a combination of advertising and the news feed. If you’re looking to optimize your news feed or find a better place to spend your advertising money, promoted posts allow you to push any status update to a greater percentage of your users (with a…   Read more

Wix is now HTML-friendly

Remember Wix? We weren’t a big fan of this content management system when we reviewed it because it was all Flash. But they’ve just released an HTML version of their site builder. Go check it out, and build mobile-ready, iOS-friendly, search-engine-placeable sites! Wix HTML: Get Inspired

Sneak Peek: Google Drive

Chances are you already have a Google Account. You also may or may not have taken our advice to start syncing your files through the amazing (and innovative) Dropbox (see: “Getting Started With Dropbox.”) Today Google announced their long-rumored Dropbox competitor, Google Drive. Google Drive does what Dropbox does (syncs your files to a web…   Read more

Order your Gmail Messages By Size

Have you ever gotten close to using up the entirety of that Gmail storage space–gigabytes and gigabytes of it–that you were sure you’d never overrun? Or are you already paying Google money every month for extra storage space? There’s finally a solution for you. Lifehacker has discovered a simple trick to create a Google Docs…   Read more

Staying Safe (and Private) on Social Networks

Since so much of our work–and personal–lives take place on social networks, it’s more than appropriate for us to be up to date on how to stay secure and manage our privacy on Facebook. Many of us have broad spheres of influence, between family members, other staff, donors, and students, and we should work to…   Read more