Protect Your Email Address Online

Matt Stauffer

It’s becoming more and more common knowledge that any email address that is displayed openly to the Internet can be scraped by spammers, added to their databases, and automatically emailed.

So, how can you protect your email address from spammers? We got a few suggestions emailed in from our readers, but we also want to open this up to the whole Staffhacker community.

Here are a few suggestions we received:

  • is an unfortunately-cutely-themed service that gives you a custom “scrim” URL–so someone types, and after verifying that they’re human, they can get your email address.
  • 10minutemail gives you a temporary, throwaway address that redirects to your email address and disappears after a customizable amount of time.

What other services or practices do you use to protect yourself from spam mail?

By Matt Stauffer | Posted: May 30, 2011
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