Getting Started

Welcome! This site may seem like a firehose of content, or a maze of suggestions. It will all make sense in time, but for right now, this is the place to get started.

There are four important ways to get started.

  1. Learn why Staffhacker exists
  2. Subscribe to Staffhacker
  3. Request or suggest tips
  4. Look through the introductory posts below

Why Staffhacker exists

Staffhacker exists to provide technology and productivity tips to campus ministers. The goal of this site is to help technology and productivity systems be the means to your end of ministry, rather than consume all of your time. We hope this site helps you find the tools that work for you and then run with them, freeing you to minister.

How to subscribe to Staffhacker

In the sidebar on the right, there is a section that says “Follow our updates.” By clicking on the icons there, you can subscribe to Staffhacker’s posts using a variety of methods: email (the posts are delivered to your email inbox), Facebook (the posts show up in your Facebook feed–not always, but often), Twitter (the posts are auto-posted by our Twitter account), or RSS (you can use an RSS reader to follow our RSS feed.) Feel free to use the method you’re most comfortable with; this allows you to follow our posts without needing to check back every day.

Request or suggest tips

If you have any ideas for posts we should write, whether it’s something you know a lot about or something you know nothing about, please click “Suggest a Tip” above. We’d love to write about what you care about–but you have to let us know!

Introductory articles

Don’t be intimidated by the number of posts on this page; it’s really simple. We’ve listed all of the categories we write about, and for each category we’ve chosen a few important posts we think will help you get started in that area.


Time & Task Management

Physical Organization

Web Services


Social Media

Software & Computers

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