Try Co-working Spaces to Get Work Done

Matt Stauffer

Few campus ministers have the luxury of a dedicated office, and even if they do, it’s probably not on campus–hence our stereotypical residence in coffee shops. If you’re looking to find a way around the $200 headphone solution to get work done away from the house, you might want to try Coworking (Co-Working).

Coworking spaces allow you to rent out desks, chairs, cubicles, or even full offices at hourly, daily, or monthly rates. Rather than requiring you to lease a full office, you can rent a desk for a few days at a time–or even a few hours at a time.

Frequently, coworking spaces also provide free printing, faxing, use of a conference room, and often even free coffee. You can expect them all to have high-speed Internet.

I’m moving to Chicago in August, and I need a place to work that’s not my living room and doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg. So, I turned to Desktime and The Coworking Directory (HT Lifehacker) to set up interviews with a few coworking spaces. It was a great experience, and will end up saving me hundreds of dollars a month.

NOTE: The “HT” marker means “Hat Tip”. So, used like above, this means “Hat tip to Lifehacker for the link to The Coworking Directory, because they’re the people I originally got the link from.”


By Matt Stauffer | Posted: Jun 24, 2011
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