Using Staff Monkey to manage your partner communications

Matt Stauffer

Ministry partner communications is probably the most frequently neglected aspect of our jobs. Sometimes we just forget, but more often than not, we don’t have the time to devote two days to writing, designing, printing, stuffing envelopes, labeling, stamping, converting to email, and more. Staff Monkey is a service for people who raise support that takes the work out of writing partner emails and prayer letters.

The basics of Staff Monkey

After signing up for their $25/month service, you simply email the text of your prayer letters to Staff Monkey and they do the rest. They’ll find you a template or design you a custom template, manage your subscription lists, manage the email program and settings, and for a small per-letter fee, they’ll even print, stuff, address, stamp, and mail your printed prayer letters.

Staff Monkey isn’t just a program that you plug your details into. It’s a service, run by folks who used to work in support-raised ministry jobs. Seth, the founder of Staff Monkey, says, “We want people to be building relationships with their donors in a meaningful way, and part of that is doing great newsletters.” Staff Monkey focuses on creating quality ministry partner communications that are easy for you and that your partners want to read.

But I can do that

If you’re reading this and thinking ,”But I already do all that in Mailchimp!” Staff Monkey probably isn’t the service for you. The service doesn’t offer anything you can’t do on your own; however, it does it for you and saves you hours of work (or frustration in trying to get your email set up correctly.)  They do offer a printed-only option for those who manage their own email lists but would love to avoid the hassle of printing and mailing prayer letters.

Why use Staff Monkey?

If you find yourself wishing you could send out email newsletters but not really knowing how to go about it, Staff Monkey is perfect for you. If you want to save a few days out of every month by having someone else print and mail your prayer letters, Staff Monkey is perfect for you. And if you want to step up the quality and frequency of your ministry partner communications but need help doing so, Staff Monkey is perfect for you.

To learn more about Staff Monkey, check out their FAQ page or contact them directly.

Note: Many staff and organizations use different terms to describe their supporters–partners, donors, supporters, and more. I’m using the term “partner” because I prefer what it implies about our relationship, and because almost half of the people I communicate with are primarily prayer supporters (they’re not donating their prayers, so donor feels weird.)

By Matt Stauffer | Posted: Nov 26, 2010
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  1. Tony Warner
    February 21, 2011, 7:57 pm | Permalink

    I am finally interested in exploring this service. What are the steps that I need to take. Thanks.


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