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Creative Partner Communications: The 17-Second Prayer Card

My 17-second Prayer Card for November We want to be campus ministers who fundraise in reality. Here’s what I mean: Your donors are busy. Your ministry is not exactly at the forefront of their minds. They don’t open your email newsletters. If they do, they skim. They love you and what you’re doing, but that…   Read more

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Designing Newsletters With Your Donor in Mind

I’m on the email list for an unnamed parachurch ministry who I never gave permission to send me updates in the first place. And their newsletters contain about 10-15 different articles, 25 prayer requests, and minimal pictures. Let’s just say I delete them after about two seconds of scanning. Even if I wanted to stay updated about their ministry, there is no way I’m going to read 10-15 different articles or pray through 25 prayer requests about things happening in their ministry that I know nothing about.

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How to Get Subscribers For Your Newsletter

When most campus ministers start fundraising, we send a really long mass Facebook message to all of our friends asking them if they want to donate and/or join our newsletter list. Then, 99% of the people on the list ignore us, knowing we’re not going to follow up. You, the wonderful Staffhacker reader, will not be like that. The system I’m about to share with you doubled the number of people reading my email newsletter. So, get ready.

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Why I use Mailchimp, and why you should too

I’m a campus minister with a secret love for really cool companies. When I was researching which email marketing company to use for my prayer letters I perused the first 10 pages of Google results for “email marketing” and checked out all of them. One stuck out from the rest.

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Using Staff Monkey to manage your partner communications

Ministry partner communications is probably the most frequently neglected aspect of our jobs. Sometimes we just forget, but more often than not, we don’t have the time to devote two days to writing, designing, printing, stuffing envelopes, labeling, stamping, converting to email, and more. Staff Monkey is a service for people who raise support that takes…   Read more

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