Creative Partner Communications: The 17-Second Prayer Card

Brian Sun

My 17-second Prayer Card for November

We want to be campus ministers who fundraise in reality.

Here’s what I mean: Your donors are busy. Your ministry is not exactly at the forefront of their minds. They don’t open your email newsletters. If they do, they skim. They love you and what you’re doing, but that doesn’t mean they’ll read an all text email update that takes them 30 minutes to finish.

We need solutions that help us cut through the clutter so our donors think about us.

Here’s an idea: the 17-second prayer card.

A 17-second prayer card is a picture with a prayer that takes less than 17 seconds to pray written on it. If you already use Mailchimp (if you don’t, here’s why you should use Mailchimp), there’s a handful of templates that make it really easy send out a picture newsletter. To add text to your prints, Mailchimp is connected with Picnik, which makes it super easy to add text. If you can use Facebook, you can use Picnik.

Getting into a rhythm of sending out a 17-second prayer card on the 1st of every month makes it super easy for your donors to say a quick prayer for you, think about you, and remember that they love you and support what you’re doing in campus ministry.

If you have any follow up questions about setting up 17-second prayer cards, talk to me (@ItsBrianSun) on Twitter, and I’ll help you get started.

By Brian Sun | Posted: Nov 03, 2011
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