Facebook Groups: More Powerful Than Before

Matt Stauffer

We’ve written before about the differences between Groups and Pages, but in our last post we only gave a quick mention of that seemingly age-old debate. Facebook’s Groups have undergone some massive changes in the last few months, and ministries considering the switch to Pages have often raised some very legitimate concerns with the limitations of a Page.

Many people have listed the benefits of Pages over Groups, but here are a few reasons to consider a Group instead of a Page:

  • Groups have a higher involvement mentality: you join a group, becoming a member. Pages, on the other hand, are more distant–you can merely like them, but it doesn’t really change your identity.
  • Groups can send actual messages to their members. Pages, on the other hand, can only send “updates,” which almost disappear in a separate inbox tab.
  • Groups can invite every member to an event; Page administrators can only invite their own personal friends.
  • The new Groups features include collaborative features for the entire Group like Group Chat, Shared documents, and more.

I don’t have a lot of personal experience with the new Groups feature, so if you’ve seen any other really helpful features, please chime in.

Also, Matt McComas wrote a post last week entitled “New Facebook Groups” about his experiences working Facebook Groups. He has a few great thoughts on practical uses for Facebook Groups; make sure to check out his post and share good ideas there.

By Matt Stauffer | Posted: Feb 07, 2011
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  1. Jonathan
    February 7, 2011, 5:17 pm | Permalink

    I have been told that Pages are better than Groups for ministries, but I can only find one good reason to support this: visibility. Pages are much easier for new people to find on Facebook.

    But the things that I really want to do I need a group for: invite all our students to an event or message everyone. With a Page you have to personally invite people or hope they catch it in their feeds. I often joke that if there is not a Facebook event for something than it’s not really happening. Which is why Pages didn’t work for us.

    Right now, I’m using an old Facebook Group for regular events and keeping a Facebook Page just so people can find us and learn about the Group. The new Groups don’t work either because they don’t have an information section.


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