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Staying Safe (and Private) on Social Networks

Since so much of our work–and personal–lives take place on social networks, it’s more than appropriate for us to be up to date on how to stay secure and manage our privacy on Facebook. Many of us have broad spheres of influence, between family members, other staff, donors, and students, and we should work to…   Read more

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A Quick Tune Up For Your Facebook Communications

As we make our way into the new semester it may be time to take inventory of your Facebook page and set new tactics to increase its effectiveness. Remember: 90% of the people who like your Facebook page NEVER return to the page, and ONLY see updates on their newsfeed. If you expecting people to…   Read more

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Social Media and MPD Presentation

It seems social media and fundraising is the topic du jour (did I use that right? If not, don’t judge me), so we’re pretty lucky to have the slides from an entire 2-hour presentation delivered by Brian Barela about Social Media and Ministry Partner Development (or MPD, the phrase Crusade Cru uses to describe the process…   Read more

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Linkedin for Campus Ministers

We haven’t asked The Staffhacker Question in a while, but here it comes again, and in a big way: Why Should I Use LinkedIn? It’s a big deal for many businesses, and it seems like the network you just have to join–but what good does it really do us? I’m still working through this question…   Read more

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Please Do Not Create a Facebook Page for Your Personal Ministry

This is for ministry leaders that must raise funds for their individual ministry, not for corporate or ministry fundraisers. Different rules apply. Facebook most likely contains the largest percentage of people who support your ministry financially (compared to Twitter or Google+). But remember they joined Facebook to connect primarily with people. Although many brands and…   Read more

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Promoting Your External Event On Facebook

We’ve mentioned this before, but the Facebook News Feed is key to getting students to interact with your Facebook page, updates, and events. There are a few keys to helping a particular event gain weight in people’s News Feeds, including user interactions and multiple people posting it. Brian Barela from MediaforMinistry recorded a short video…   Read more

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Google+ for Team Collaboration

Google+ is the newest, coolest social network, and there are probably people in your social circles who are tugging you to join it. But who needs another Facebook or Twitter, right? Honestly, Google+ adds some features and controls that make it worth your consideration, but more importantly, it adds some tools that are perfect for…   Read more

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Tracking Your Facebook Fan Page Interactions with Facebook Insights

Watching the number of fans of your Facebook page waver up and down can often be frustrating–especially when you don’t know what caused the change. Was it that controversial post on money? Or are you just posting too frequently? Thankfully, Facebook has provided you with a tool to learn more about how your users interact…   Read more

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