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Sneak Peek: Google Drive

Chances are you already have a Google Account. You also may or may not have taken our advice to start syncing your files through the amazing (and innovative) Dropbox (see: “Getting Started With Dropbox.”) Today Google announced their long-rumored Dropbox competitor, Google Drive. Google Drive does what Dropbox does (syncs your files to a web…   Read more

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Google+ for Team Collaboration

Google+ is the newest, coolest social network, and there are probably people in your social circles who are tugging you to join it. But who needs another Facebook or Twitter, right? Honestly, Google+ adds some features and controls that make it worth your consideration, but more importantly, it adds some tools that are perfect for…   Read more

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An Introduction to Google Voice

By now you’ve probably heard of Google’s entry to the world of phones and phone numbers, Google Voice. The possibilities for using Google Voice are so expansive that it can seem daunting at first glance, so let’s get to the basics. Before anything else, let’s talk basics: what is Google Voice? Google created a great…   Read more

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Daily News Delivered to Your Desktop: Intro to RSS & Google Reader

An earlier version of this article originally appeared on my personal blog. Sometimes people ask me how I keep up with so many blogs, websites, and general news. My secret (other than being easily distracted) is my trusty RSS reader. Using an RSS reader and some basic information management skills, you can easily keep up…   Read more

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Introduction to Web Services

It seems there’s a new web service with a catchy name (Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) coming out every day. The Web Services category of Staffhacker aims to help you understand and process these new services in a way that helps you weed out those you won’t benefit from and not miss those you might love….   Read more

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