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Have You Seen the Glif? iPhone Mount and Tripod

I’m using my iPhone more and more to capture video and take pictures. I stumbled across the Glif and was impressed by its simplicity and design. Even though I can shoot HD quality videos on my phone the constant shaking can be a serious quality hindrance. Also I’m starting to see how strategic it can…   Read more

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Clean and Simple Desks

Not every campus staff worker has the space to set up a consistent desk, but for those who do, the layout of your desk can have a strong effect on your experience at work. Pat Dryburgh curates a site called “Simple Desks“, which is simply images of beautiful, simple desk arrangements. Just like other “photoblogs”, Pat…   Read more

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GRID-IT to organize your bag

When you live out of your computer bag, shuttling between home, the school library, coffee shops, and the dining hall, things can get very messy very quickly. Cocoon’s GRID-IT system provides an endlessly adjustable system of straps to hold in place all the loose items you might have floating around your bag. GRID-IT’s come in…   Read more

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Introduction to Physical Organization

The cleanliness and organization of our physical world and workspace is just as important as the organization of our computers and to-do lists. The Physical Organization category of Staffhacker aims to help you manage your desk, bag, wallet, papers, notebooks, and whatever other tools you use for physical organization. To get started, check out Simple…   Read more

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