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Wix is now HTML-friendly

Remember Wix? We weren’t a big fan of this content management system when we reviewed it because it was all Flash. But they’ve just released an HTML version of their site builder. Go check it out, and build mobile-ready, iOS-friendly, search-engine-placeable sites! Wix HTML: Get Inspired

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Sneak Peek: Google Drive

Chances are you already have a Google Account. You also may or may not have taken our advice to start syncing your files through the amazing (and innovative) Dropbox (see: “Getting Started With Dropbox.”) Today Google announced their long-rumored Dropbox competitor, Google Drive. Google Drive does what Dropbox does (syncs your files to a web…   Read more

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Karani is out of beta!

Great news: Karani is now live! You probably know that I (Matt) recently released a web app called Karani, an all-in-one solution for fundraisers to manage their contacts and fundraising. I’ve released some details of the preview in the past, but there’s another great piece of news: Karani is now live! As of last week,…   Read more

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Linkedin for Campus Ministers

We haven’t asked The Staffhacker Question in a while, but here it comes again, and in a big way: Why Should I Use LinkedIn? It’s a big deal for many businesses, and it seems like the network you just have to join–but what good does it really do us? I’m still working through this question…   Read more

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CRM for Fundraisers: Karani

The question I hear from campus staff often than any other is “How do I manage my contacts?” There’s a term for this in the business world: Constituent Relationship Management tools.  A few months ago I asked around about the options available to campus ministers, and after some great feedback decided to develop Karani. However,…   Read more

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Accepting Payments with Square and WePay

Usually when we need to accept payments, it’s for donations to our personal fundraising budget–and usually those are managed by our organization. But what about when we need to accept payments that aren’t handled by our organization? What about conference registrations, book table sales, shirt sales, organization donations, raising funds for a charity, and more?…   Read more

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Introducing Karani, a cloud-based CRM for fundraisers

Finally, the project that has consumed my free time can be revealed: Karani, a cloud-based CRM (constituent relationship management) tool for fundraisers. It’s a web app, and it will look great on your computer, phone, or tablet. The word Karani is Swahili, and it means “bookkeeper”, “clerk”, or “steward.” Karani is a tool primed to…   Read more

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Coming soon…

OK, it’s not quite ready to launch today, but the project I’ve been promising will be ready for alpha testing signup by this Thursday. If you’ve never heard of alpha testing, it’s just like beta testing but the product is in an even earlier state. Think Google Wave (flaky but the basics are there), not…   Read more

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An app for your ministry?

Developing your own web site seems like more work than most of us have time for, so the idea of developing a mobile app seems absurd. However, some larger ministries have considered it, but the cost and complexity of developing and distributing mobile apps are so great that it’s usually never an option. Yesterday I…   Read more

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USTREAM and Livestream for broadcasting video and meetings

USTREAM and Livestream are two web services that allow you to hold collaborative meetings and/or stream live video to multiple recipients. Media for Ministry has a series of posts on how to use each service, how to set you your room and equipment, and how to interact with your viewers/attendees: USTREAM USTREAM Live Video Streaming…   Read more

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