Use Orbs to Quickly Create a Ministry Web Site

Matt Stauffer

Not every ministry has the time, resources, or know-how to create a complicated web site. Thankfully, services have begun to pop up recently that allow for the simple creation and editing of fully-functioning web sites.

Orbs is one such site, and it excels in one place its competitor Wix fails: the content is not Flash, so it can show up in search engines and be viewed on phones.

Orbs starts you with a demo site, and you just click on text and headers to change the content. You have 24 hours to choose whether you want to keep this site; if you do,  you can choose your URL ( and then your web site is ready to go. It’s easy to log back in and change the content and design any time you’d like; you can also add other editors and make the site either public or private.

I threw together a site for Atlantis University Christians, my fictional campus ministry at my fictional campus, in just a few minutes. Check it out at, and use Orbs’ demo to see if you like how it works. Orbs is free, with premium upgrades available.

Orbs [via Lifehacker]

By Matt Stauffer | Posted: Jan 22, 2011
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