Have You Seen the Glif? iPhone Mount and Tripod

Brian Barela

A montage of pictures of the Glif in use

I’m using my iPhone more and more to capture video and take pictures. I stumbled across the Glif and was impressed by its simplicity and design.

A close-up of the GlifEven though I can shoot HD quality videos on my phone the constant shaking can be a serious quality hindrance.

Also I’m starting to see how strategic it can be to use mobile video to as one of the main communication tools in ministry. With one click publishing to YouTube, it’s easier than ever to capture testimonies, announcements, even make personal invitations to events via video.

It’s also cool to note that Glif’s developers found financing for their idea on Kickstarter:

“Our contributors on Kickstarter pledged money towards our goal with no guarantee that we would ever be successful. They took a leap of faith, backed our project, and $137,417 and 5273 backers later here we are. The Glif is a full-fledged crowd-funded product.”

The Glif sells for $20, and functions as both a stand and tripod mount. You can check it out further and purchase it here.

By Brian Barela | Posted: Feb 14, 2011
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