Do You Have a Strong Week Plan?

Brian Barela

One of my greatest weekly productivity challenges is minimizing time spent on short-term, low return activities.

The Strong Week Plan, developed by Marcus Buckingham (author of Now Discover Your Strengths and many others), significantly helped me in this area.

It’s founded on four questions:

What percentage of last week did you spend doing things you really like to do?

What percentage of this week will you spend doing things you really like to do?

What actions will you take to free up your strengths?

What actions will you take to STOP your weaknesses from getting in the way?

For ministry leaders you can change “really like” to “expand the critical mass (leaders, laborers, loot) of my ministry”. Often times I really like to check email and drink coffee, but I should be sharing my faith, developing leaders, and involving as many new people as possible.

Click here to download a PDF version of The Strong Week Plan.

By Brian Barela | Posted: Feb 25, 2011
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