How to Get a Seat at a Coffee Shop

Matt Stauffer

A few weeks ago we wrote about how Belkin’s Mini Surge Protector could help you find an outlet at a coffee shop. But what if you can’t find a seat?

Every day I go to a coffee shop to work on my book. And every day I witness the same phenomenon: people poke their heads through the door, look at all the crowded tables, sigh a heavy sigh and leave.

I want to yell out: “Don’t leave! You’re giving up too easily!”

Amateur Gourmet’s Adam Roberts has written up a few tips he’s learned about finding a place to sit in a crowded coffee shop.

(2) Don’t be afraid to ask: “Is anyone sitting here?” For many, that’s a deal-breaker. They don’t want to disturb anyone’s zone of solace and solitude. But the thing is, they’re not at home in their own personal library. They’re in a COFFEE SHOP where there are a limited number of tables and chairs. And most people, myself included, couldn’t care less if anyone sits at their table. If they’re wearing headphones (and most people are) their zone of solace and solitude will not be disturbed and you’ll get a seat.

Check out Adam’s original article or Lifehacker’s writeup (our source) for more tips.

How To Always Get A Seat at a Crowded Coffee Shop – The Amateur Gourmet (via Lifehacker)

By Matt Stauffer | Posted: Mar 02, 2011
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