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Brian Barela

(Editor’s note: This post is about tweaking Gmail’s new “Priority Inbox” feature. If you haven’t used it yet, or if it’s confusing or new for you, Google has a great intro video to Priority Inbox that’s short and sweet.)

Many times of the day I’m living out of Gmail. I’m always looking for ways to prioritize and respond to the most important emails first.

Fred Wilson blogged on Super Priority Inbox, describing his ideal set up for Gmail using Priority Inbox.

I’d like to suggest a new feature to the gmail team. I’d like a “super priority inbox” which would be a fourth section on the page and above everything else. I’d enter the email addresses of a couple dozen people who I always want in my super priority inbox.

A commenter on this blog post noted that his ideal set-up is in fact possible.

You should give Priority Inbox a shot if you have yet to try it.

Once you have it enabled, try this:

  1. Go to “Settings” in your account
  2. Select the “Priority Inbox” tab
  3. Then change the sections to customize Priority Inbox to exactly what you want to see.

I set mine to the following:
uber priority inbox

To create the “***” label, I created a new Filter that applied a new label “***” to every message from any person I wanted on my “Ãœber list”–those to whom I need to respond the most quickly.  I then set the top Priority inbox section to display messages with the *** label.  I set it to see that first, then important and unread, then unread, then everything else. This provides the customization that only I can provide alongside Gmail’s fantastic priority inbox feature.

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By Brian Barela | Posted: Feb 28, 2011
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