Understanding Twitter: a practical use case

Matt Stauffer

Twitter has always been one of the hardest technologies to apply the Staffhacker Question to: Why should I use it? Its benefits seem harder to explain than any other site, and yet once people try it out, they’re usually hooked. So what makes Twitter so special?

Here’s one use case that gives a great example of some of the power of Twitter. Matt McComas writes about a Crusade staffworker who used Twitter to handle a potentially damaging situation:

Recently I’ve started using twitter search to listen in on what the twittersphere is saying about Campus Crusade (I know…I’m a nerd).  A while back I saw this post from a guy working at the hotel in Denver that served one of our regional winter conferences…

Twitter: @stephenwebb: We have 1200 Campus Crusade staff and students in house. 1 in 100 tip. My 50 agnostic/atheist coworkers are correct in their frustration.

Check out Matt’s post Behold… the power of Twitter (A Case Study) to hear how the story ended.

Have you seen Twitter used to great effect? What’s your most convincing use case?

By Matt Stauffer | Posted: Mar 16, 2011
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