Make Your Own Posters At Home

Gordon Govier

When my first granddaughter was born last summer I proudly proclaimed on Facebook that I was not going to be one of those obnoxious grandparents, whipping out a wallet full of grandchild photos. No wallet-size for me, I was making posters! It was just a joke. But then a few weeks later I discovered Blockposters.

Anyone can upload a photo or graphic file to Blockposters and it will create a downloadable PDF of a poster as big as you want. It’s simple: your uploaded graphic file is sectioned into multiple 8.5″x11″ rectangles, which you download as PDFs. Then you print, trim, and attach them together, and hang the result on your wall. The only cost is paper and ink. (You can use up a lot of ink fast, so be aware of that.)

Editor’s Note: The cost of high-quality paper and the high amount of ink needed to print large posters out can make the cost of printing these posters much higher than printing them professionally. However, the ease of printing and the fact that you can do it at home may just make it worth that extra cost–especially if you already have paper and ink sitting around.

For major events you’re still going to want professional-looking posters (like those produced by your organization’s graphics department.) But if you need a personalized poster printed quickly, Blockposters can be a great resource.

By Gordon Govier | Posted: Mar 28, 2011
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