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Matt Stauffer

The chapter I came on staff with didn’t have much of a history or culture of students giving money to support the ministry or each other. I doubt that that’s really that abnormal; campus ministers are like missionaries in that our financial support doesn’t come from the people we serve, but from others who are sending us, so convincing our students to give to our ministry isn’t a top priority.

However, I’ve seen some awesome examples of students who are committed to their campus ministries giving of their own finances to send students to camps and conferences, support on-campus events, and generally support the ministry. When I heard that Benson Hines, a member of our advisory board and one of the leaders in developing campus ministry as a field, was creating a project to help campus ministers and our students raise funds for the ministry, I knew it was worth taking a look.

Have you ever noticed how much money gets traded between students and the bookstore each semester? Wouldn’t it be great if some of those funds got used more directly for the Kingdom?

Books-to-Impact is my newest project for serving college ministries. It turns textbooks donated by students into funds – for any cause you want, whether outside or inside your ministry.

It might take some work to develop a culture of giving among students (I remember how much I loved getting those little bits of money from book buyback), but there could be a lot of potential here to support scholarships and other costly ministry expenses.

Check out his project and how easy it could be to implement it at your school:

Books-to-Impact: This Could Be Your Next Great Fundraiser… Or Your First!

By Matt Stauffer | Posted: May 20, 2011
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