The Basics of… Using Technology?

Matt Stauffer

If you’ve followed the adventures of Staffhacker up to this point, there’s a pretty heavy chance you’re comfortable enough with technology to use your web browser and mail even to sign up for email updates or an RSS feed. So when you see “The Basics of Using Technology,” you’re more likely to pass it along to your mom than you are to read it yourself.

However, there are some loyal Staffhacker readers who are more on the side of the technophobe, and we love you for being here.

Both groups, surprisingly enough, can benefit from this roundup of “The basics of using technology” post from Profhacker. I was surprised to find that I, a web developer who’s been using computers for as long as I’ve been able to read, learned quite a bit from the posts they link to. These aren’t just simple steps like “The power button turns on the computer,” but unspoken tips that some people use on a daily basis and some which are completely obscure (but totally useful).

Technology 101: The Basics No One Tells You

Do you have any tech tips that you couldn’t live without?

By Matt Stauffer | Posted: Jun 17, 2011
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