3 Reasons to Use Twitter Lists

Brian Barela

Twitter lists may underused by the majority but they present an opportunity to increase your focus and expand the value you receive from using the service.

Here are three reasons to use Twitter Lists:

1. Spend Less Time on Twitter: Even if you follow less than 50 people, your stream can become filled with unwanted RT’s, @ replies, and value-less information. Start by creating a list of the top 10 people you enjoy, and check that once a day for a week. You will instantly see a difference.

2. Spend More Time on Twitter seeing content that you want: There are people that I follow for information and there are people I follow for connection. Sometimes people I follow for information share more personal content than I prefer, and vice versa. A list can filter these kinds of people so that I only see them when I want to view my timeline.

3. Signal to other people that you value their content: It’s cool to be on a list (the FBI’s most wanted excluded of course). I check to see if I’m on a new list every few days. Putting someone on a list is a subtle yet intentional way of letting them know that they are valuable.

Have you seen the value of a Twitter list?

Click here to learn how to create a Twitter list.

Click here to see one of my Twitter lists: Church Communicators

By Brian Barela | Posted: Jul 11, 2011
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