Readable: A Pain Free Way to Read the Web

Brian Barela

Finding a blog post that is exactly what I’m looking for is awesome. Having my reading interrupted by pop-up banners/headers/footers is not.

Introducing Readable:

Editor’s Note: The service Readable is based on, Readability, was a “bookmarklet,” or a tiny script packaged into a browser bookmark. When you click the bookmarklet in your browser, instead of taking you to a new page, it runs the tiny script. Readability’s purpose was to clean up the article or post you’re reading and remove ads, reformat the text, and generally make things easier to read.

“It’s kind of like Readability (more like the original bookmarklet than the current service), but infinitely more customizable. Plus, it doesn’t rewrite the URI when you use it (so you can, for example, send the the current article to your Kindle, etc., without having to worry about getting back to the original URI.)”–source

The customizations are pretty cool; as is distraction free web reading!


By Brian Barela | Posted: Jun 15, 2011
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