Staying Safe (and Private) on Social Networks

Matt Stauffer

Since so much of our work–and personal–lives take place on social networks, it’s more than appropriate for us to be up to date on how to stay secure and manage our privacy on Facebook. Many of us have broad spheres of influence, between family members, other staff, donors, and students, and we should work to protect them by making wise choices. Similarly, if your social network has such a wide amount of people connected to it, you want to make sure you know what you’re sharing and when; do you really want every single one of your Facebook friends to know where you went for dinner tonight if you checked in?

A few months ago Steve Steiner of Seventy8Productions wrote a quick post on “clickjacking” and malicious links, two of the most common sources of people’s hacked Facebook profiles. Check it out here: Computer Security and Ministry: Social Networking

If you’re really interested in vetting your Facebook privacy settings, Lifehacker has an always-up-to-date guide on managing your Facebook privacy.

Do you have any tips, tricks, or personal or organizational policies to protect your safety and privacy on social networks?

By Matt Stauffer | Posted: Apr 04, 2012
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