Taking a week off

Matt Stauffer

I (Matt) am in the middle of developing a very big project that will hopefully be of great use to campus ministers the world ’round. Unfortunately, all of my free time thinking has gone into working on this project–including the time I’d normally spend writing articles or working with the other Staffhacker authors to develop their articles.

I promise we’ll be back in order soon, but I am going to take the next two weeks off of posting in order to get back in the swing of getting content ready earlier than the morning-of, and also to do some heavy development on this project. I hope that by the end of the two-week period I’ll be back and ready to give Staffhacker my fuller attention, and even more I hope to have a beta signup and an introductory video ready for my new project.

Thanks for your continued support and interest!

-Matt Stauffer, Editor

P.S. If you want to keep getting great content, follow our Twitter account, where I’ll try to keep Retweeting quality content from other sources.

By Matt Stauffer | Posted: Sep 27, 2011
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