I’m out of ideas

Matt Stauffer

I’m not going to waste your time writing fluff pieces that you don’t need to read. I’m out of creative, clever ideas–the sort that drove me to start Staffhacker.

I think there is still plenty of write about–even plenty that I can write about–but it’s now been quite a few months since I’ve actually been on campus (my new role isn’t on campus), and I’m working more and more with what I remember of my needs and less and less with what I experience of my needs every day.

This doesn’t mean anything negative for Staffhacker. It means, actually, that there’s even more opportunity for you, loyal reader, to become involved in the Staffhacker community.

Please. If you value any tips you’ve gotten here, do me a favor and click the Suggest a Tip link, then type in one of these things:

  • A tip (meaning, a solution to a problem)
  • A request for a tutorial/tip (meaning, a problem with no solution, or a solution you’re a little hazy on)
  • A general area in which you think you need help, but you’re not sure about the specifics
  • An article you read somewhere else you think Staffhacker readers would like
  • A request for a particular series

Do you see where I’m going here? I know there’s good stuff in your brains. I just need you to share it with me.

(Also, there is a group of authors who contribute to Staffhacker, and as their posts come in they’ll continue to be featured here. Interested in contributing to Staffhacker? Get in touch.)

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By Matt Stauffer | Posted: Oct 27, 2011
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