Productivity Tip: Interrupt Yourself Every Hour

Brian Barela

Dan Pink’s blog is a fantastic resource for entrepreneurial type leaders that value high productivity.

He interviewed Peter Bregman, a consultant to leading CEO’s and asked him to share one tip on staying focused throughout the day. His answer: hourly interruptions.

Each hour when my watch, computer, or phone beeps, I stop whatever I’m doing, take a deep breath, and ask myself two questions:

1. Am I doing what I most need to be doing right now?

2. Am I being who I most want to be right now?

At first it seemed counterintuitive to interrupt myself each hour. Aren’t interruptions precisely what we’re trying to avoid? But these one-minute-an-hour interruptions are productive interruptions. They bring us back to doing what, and being who, will make this a successful day.

I desperately need productive interruptions throughout the day. Those necessary but somewhat annoying interruptions often sidetrack me for 30 minutes to an hour, and usually allow my mind to convince me that I deserve 10 minutes on Facebook or Twitter. I love Bregman’s suggestion and his questions!

By Brian Barela | Posted: Nov 10, 2011
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