A Quick Tune Up For Your Facebook Communications

Brian Barela

As we make our way into the new semester it may be time to take inventory of your Facebook page and set new tactics to increase its effectiveness.

Remember: 90% of the people who like your Facebook page NEVER return to the page, and ONLY see updates on their newsfeed. If you expecting people to continually visit your page for updates then you are missing out on engaging a large section of your fans.

Consider these tactics as part of your tune up:

Set a repeatable and manageable posting schedule for your stories.

Lead with visual content (photos and videos) and use text to provide context and ask for interaction (“like this update”, “comment with one word”)

Evaluate what you post every week and look for patterns.

Experiment with different types of posts until you find what your audience prefers most. Then invite them to help contribute to the content sharing.

Visit your favorite facebook page for inspiration.


By Brian Barela | Posted: Feb 02, 2012
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