Spend Even More Time Crafting a Compelling Email Title This Holiday Season

Brian Barela

“The volume of commercial messaging increases during the Christmas period, while the focus narrows. A lot of retail emails and advertising cover similar ground: deals, discounts, gifts and giving.”–source

With so many more emails being sent to people at this time of year it’s critical to spend time on crafting a compelling title to your ministry email updates. I recently had a financial supporter of my ministry email me and apologize for his delayed response. He informed me he had over 300 emails in his inbox. It’s easy to assume or expect people to open our emails. Yet often times it’s not a lack of desire but an abundance of urgent emails that keep people from opening your message.

Here’s a few tips that helped me:

Be descriptive, clear, and to the point.–source

Provide a sense of urgency–source

Send the email to yourself first and make sure the length is appropriate. 

Consider using a number lower than 10: “5 Ways Your Financial Gift Changes Lives in Africa” 

NEVER use the same title twice. 

Remember that your email may be next to advertisements from Walmart or Amazon, gift appeals from other ministries, and hundreds of work related messages. Titles are one of the easiest ways to instantly improve your email communications.


By Brian Barela | Posted: Jan 03, 2012
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