New Year’s Resolution: Get your mail under control

Matt Stauffer

So, maybe by now we’re beating a dead horse trying to get your email under control. We want you to check your email less, get your inbox to zero, and set up the Trusted Trio.

But it’s a new year! Now is the time to make it happen. The Next Web (via Lifehacker) are making a case for this new year being the time you archive all of those thousands of emails you have sitting in your inbox and take a fresh start. Just look at that empty inbox. Doesn’t it calm your soul?

The Next Web: Stop Whining and Start 2012 Off With Zero Unread Emails (via Lifehacker: Archive Your Old Mail and Start 2012 With a Tidy Inbox)

(picture via Lifehacker by flickr user Rich B-S)

By Matt Stauffer | Posted: Jan 05, 2012
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