The Importance of Willpower

Berry Long

Have you ever logged onto Facebook and found yourself, 20 minutes later, wondering what you went there to check on? With endless possibilities to get distracted by today, we need discipline more than ever before. John Coleman has written a great post for the Harvard Business Review with some helpful steps to increase your willpower and accomplish the things that are most important in your life. Often times, practicing discipline in little things can strengthen your self-control for the bigger things.

For example, Coleman writes:

“Did you know that by reminding yourself to sit up straight at your desk you can train the same mental muscle you need to quit smoking or sustainably shed pounds?

When you have a day in the office and really need to accomplish certain tasks such as writing a talk or preparing for a leadership retreat, you need discipline and determination to not get distracted. Check out John Coleman’s article Faced With Distraction, We Need Willpower.

(photo from Flickr user senroy)

By Berry Long | Posted: Mar 14, 2012
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