Stress-free Productivity! (Getting Things Done)


It sounds blissful: you are productive, but you have no worries. You accomplish things, but you are not harried.

Welcome to Getting Things Done by David Allen.

The two things that have impacted me most from Getting Things Done (GTD) are:

  • immediately capture every thought of “oh, I should…” and “I gotta remember to…”
  • only think of the next small, realistic step in all of the big projects you are working on

These small steps, practically implemented, have dropped my stress level by a factor of 10.

GTD is an entire productivity system, and you might find other aspects of it helpful. Check back in a few days for our full review of GTD, or get started early with Merlin Mann’s geek-focused “Getting Started with Getting Things Done.”

By ajeske | Posted: Dec 01, 2010
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