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Speed Up Your Computer (part 2)

Earlier this week we talked about how the amount of memory in your computer could have a huge impact on the speed of your computer. Today, we’re talking hard drives. Whereas with memory we said put as much in as you can afford, the size of the hard drive is a totally different animal. It…   Read more

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Speed Up Your Computer (Part 1)

When you first got your computer, it was running like lightning. But now, it’s been a few years, and it’s starting to slow down. There are few things that go into this slowdown. As time passes, software programs require more and more from your computer, so your same computer won’t be able to handle as…   Read more

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Looking for Contributors

You may have noticed that a lot of the posts here have my name (Matt Stauffer) tacked after them, but actually, Staffhacker has quite a few authors and contributors who write posts here and there. However, we always want and need new contributors for new perspective and insight (and new blood! I’m going to run…   Read more

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Quarterpage PSD and Word Templates

How often have you needed to make a quarterpage flyer (also called a four-up, or a fourper) and not even known where to begin? Or how often have you printed one out only to find the spacing is all off and half of your flyers look lopsided? I created these templates years ago and they’ve…   Read more

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How to give your web site a Favicon (favorites icon)

You might have noticed that your browser shows a little favorite icon when you visit some web sites, but not for others. If you have a web site, you might wonder how to change that–especially if you use a host like Bluehost or Hostmonster, which add their own (sort of ugly) icons to your site….   Read more

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New Student Outreach/Welcome Week Tips?

It’s the busiest week of the year for most of you, as your colleges come back to life with the return of students to campus. Even though I’m not on campus anymore, it’s a pretty busy for me too, as I work on a new project I hope to announce more details about in the…   Read more


Online Conversations About Campus Ministry

You may have heard that The Blogference, an online blog conference about campus ministry, is happening again this week. What you might not know is that there are also great conversations happening every week at several other places online. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of campus ministry online. For that, visit…   Read more

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Content Management Systems and your web site

Not every campus ministry has a web site, and many that do are painfully out of date. Even if you had someone tech-savvy set up your web site, often they graduate, leaving your web site with information that’s current as of that student’s senior year. There are programs available called “Content Management Systems” that plug…   Read more

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Campus Crusade’s New Name Is: Cru.

In what is probably the biggest news in quite some time (in a field that doesn’t experience big news all that frequently, but still…), Campus Crusade for Christ has announced their new name: Cru. Read more about it at Cru’s web site, Cru’s press release, or read the Christianity Today article. EDIT: Benson Hines’ reflections…   Read more

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