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How to Make a Thank You Video: An Example

On his blog last week Brian Barela featured an excellent Thank You video from Charity:Water. This is, of course, a lot better produced than you probably will create (for example, the second camera), but it’s still a great inspiration for making an excellent thank you video. What would it take for you to start creating…   Read more

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USTREAM and Livestream for broadcasting video and meetings

USTREAM and Livestream are two web services that allow you to hold collaborative meetings and/or stream live video to multiple recipients. Media for Ministry has a series of posts on how to use each service, how to set you your room and equipment, and how to interact with your viewers/attendees: USTREAM USTREAM Live Video Streaming…   Read more

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Multitasking is Bad for Your Brain

Stanford Professor Clifford Nass has just written a book called The Man Who Lied To His Laptop, and in this video he suggests that multitasking–15 browser tabs open, 2 instant messaging services, and instant notification of your email, for example–actually hurts your ability to get work done: According to Nass, the more you multi-task, the…   Read more

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