One Convincing Reason to Use Social Media

Matt Stauffer

It seems the biggest question surrounding Twitter (at least, from non-users) is consistently the same: “Why should I even use it?” It’s a fair question, considering the amount of time and effort learning new technologies can require.

We should put that same question to every new technology, trick, toy, and web site. “What benefit can be had from engaging with this?” Or, “Am I stewarding my time and resources well by engaging with this?”

Staffhacker contributor Steve Tamayo has written an excellent post beginning a conversation about why it is vital for campus ministers to engage with social media. Take a read, and let us know in the comments: what do you think about using social media as a part of our ministry?

One Convincing Reason to Use Social Media [YoSteve]

By Matt Stauffer | Posted: Jan 18, 2011
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