Convincing Reasons to Use Social Media: 400 million reasons to use Facebook

Matt Stauffer

As crazy as it may seem, many campus ministries still haven’t created their first Facebook page. Yesterday Steve Tamayo shared with us One Convincing Reason to Use Social Media, and a few weeks ago we wrote about Creating a Facebook page for Your Ministry. But why Facebook? Mediaforministry has some thoughts about why:

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook (FB) has recently become the most popular website in the US, just edging out Google with about 7% of all internet traffic. With 450 million users globally, and millions more being added each week, there’s a really good chance that some of those people are involved in your ministry, or they’re people you’re trying to minister to.

Read the rest of the post for some ideas about the significance, impact, and consequences of our engagement with students these numbers have.

400 Million Reasons Your Ministry Needs To Be On Facebook []

By Matt Stauffer | Posted: Jan 19, 2011
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