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Make Your Own Posters At Home

When my first granddaughter was born last summer I proudly proclaimed on Facebook that I was not going to be one of those obnoxious grandparents, whipping out a wallet full of grandchild photos. No wallet-size for me, I was making posters! It was just a joke. But then a few weeks later I discovered Blockposters….   Read more

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File Conversion Made Easy

I have a digital camera that records videos, which I occasionally post to YouTube or Facebook. But if I need to edit the video first, I have a problem, because Windows Movie Maker doesn’t recognize my camera’s format. I’ve downloaded some conversion software in the past but it never works as well as I’d like….   Read more

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How to Create a Podcast for Your Weekly Meeting

Sometimes it can seem that the amount of excellent content created and presented for weekly meetings can go to waste when it’s only accessible once. Podcasts are a great way to record and make available audio and video content from your ministry. Podcasts can include either video or audio, but since I’m most familiar with…   Read more

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