Open Forum: What do you do when you’re waiting?

I had a conversation on Twitter the other day with Jeff Gissing where we discussed how Karani’s mobile friendliness is helpful for when you’re on campus or meeting with a donor. I mentioned that I loved having it up on my phone either before or after a meeting with a donor, and it gave me…   Read more

Karani is out of beta!

Great news: Karani is now live! You probably know that I (Matt) recently released a web app called Karani, an all-in-one solution for fundraisers to manage their contacts and fundraising. I’ve released some details of the preview in the past, but there’s another great piece of news: Karani is now live! As of last week,…   Read more

The Importance of Willpower

Have you ever logged onto Facebook and found yourself, 20 minutes later, wondering what you went there to check on? With endless possibilities to get distracted by today, we need discipline more than ever before. John Coleman has written a great post for the Harvard Business Review with some helpful steps to increase your willpower…   Read more

How Positive Are Your Communications with Donors?

“You want to create long term relationships with your supporters. When your supporters donate or volunteer they feel great about themselves and their participation in your organization. A nonprofit can reinforce these positive feelings by thanking supporters, highlighting specific donors, and showing the impact made possible by supporters. People are receptive to emotional positivity. Bombarding…   Read more

A How-To Guide for Using Mass Texting Service Signal

Signal is one of the best mass texting services for your ministry. It’s free for up to 500 subscribers and for you to send up to 1,000 text messages a month. If you follow the tips on improving student communication using mass texting services  you’ll stay well within those limits (unless your campus ministry is…   Read more