A How-To Guide for Using Mass Texting Service Tatango

A How-To Guide for Using Mass Texting Services: Tatango. Tatango is one of the best mass texting services for your ministry. After a 7-day free trial, it’s $24 a month for 0-250 subscribers and allows you to send unlimited text messages and unlimited campaigns. Tatango is easier to use than any other mass texting software…   Read more

Finding the Best Mass Texting Service For Your Ministry

Finding The Best Mass Texting Service For Your Ministry. We’ve sorted through the billions of mass texting services (see the complete list at the bottom) out there and chose the two most stable and solid web-based options for your ministry: Signal and Tatango. How Signal And Tatango Are Different. Signal Tatango Free for up to 500 subscribers Easy…   Read more

Improving Student Communications with Mass Texting Services

Over the next four posts, we’ll be breaking down why to use texting and in what contexts, what mass texting services to use and why, including screencasts and instructions for the best mass texting services. Let’s get started. Most of your students use Facebook, some use Twitter, but 99.999% of them text. All the time….   Read more

How to Make a Thank You Video: An Example

On his blog last week Brian Barela featured an excellent Thank You video from Charity:Water. This is, of course, a lot better produced than you probably will create (for example, the second camera), but it’s still a great inspiration for making an excellent thank you video. What would it take for you to start creating…   Read more

A Quick Tune Up For Your Facebook Communications

As we make our way into the new semester it may be time to take inventory of your Facebook page and set new tactics to increase its effectiveness. Remember: 90% of the people who like your Facebook page NEVER return to the page, and ONLY see updates on their newsfeed. If you expecting people to…   Read more