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Google+ for Team Collaboration

Google+ is the newest, coolest social network, and there are probably people in your social circles who are tugging you to join it. But who needs another Facebook or Twitter, right? Honestly, Google+ adds some features and controls that make it worth your consideration, but more importantly, it adds some tools that are perfect for…   Read more

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Social Media & Web Services Roundup

There are a few useful posts have come out in the last week that are worth taking a look at. Google+: Utilizing Google+ for Ministry Introducing Google+ Other Google Updates: Updates to Google Calendar Ministry & Theology: The Blogference is Coming This August! Technology Used Well in Ministry Always Results In… Miscellaneous: Make Your Own…   Read more

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Four-way video chatting with Fring

One of the questions we’re asked most frequently is how to videoconference for free. One by one, the services offering this benefit are dropping or switching to paid accounts. Fring, a mobile-based Voice-over-IP solution, now offers video chatting for up to four users on iOS, Android, and Symbian devices. It’s not a perfect fit, because…   Read more

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Make Zooming Presentations With Prezi

We frequently have to present information to people, whether they are donors, students, or just people next to us on the plane. Cocktail napkins are fine, but when we get to a larger scale we’re usually stuck with Powerpoint’s clunky transitions, bullet points, high cost, and local-only files. Prezi is an online presentation tool that…   Read more

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Free international calls

If you work on a college campus, there’s a great chance there are international students all around you. If you’ve gotten a chance to work with international students, you’ll find that there are a lot of resources we have that are of great benefit to them–among them, connections to American homes and American churches. Lifehacker…   Read more

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Hosting your own web site: Drupal Gardens

Drupal is an exceedingly powerful content management system, more powerful than any we’ve mentioned thus far. However, it traditionally has also been exceedingly hard to learn when you first approach it. Thankfully, there’s finally a hosted Drupal install that takes most of the work out of installing and learning Drupal: Drupal Gardens. Let me be…   Read more

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Hosting your own web site: Wix and Weebly

Wix and Weebly are two newer hosted content management systems which are very similar in the way you use them to create content. But they’re also different in a few key ways. Wix Wix is interactive, flashy, and not as much stuck in traditional web site structures as some of the other services we’ve looked…   Read more

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