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Riding the Waves of Motivation

“Motivation, productivity, efficiency—these things are not constants. In my experience, they come in waves. They ebb and flow, and there’s no sense in fighting it. The key is to recognize a productivity surge when it appears, so you can roll with it.”–Jason Fried from a recent Inc. Magazine post. I produced two days of high…   Read more

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3 Reasons to Use Twitter Lists

Twitter lists may underused by the majority but they present an opportunity to increase your focus and expand the value you receive from using the service. Here are three reasons to use Twitter Lists: 1. Spend Less Time on Twitter: Even if you follow less than 50 people, your stream can become filled with unwanted…   Read more

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Too Much Email? You Need Five Sentences is a personal policy that all email responses regardless of recipient or subject will be five sentences or less. It’s that simple.–source If you are a part of a large ministry organization this may be impossible. You can however commit to five sentences as a personal challenge, blog about it, tweet it out, etc….   Read more

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Yes, You Might Need $200 Headphones

I purchased a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre Solo headphones two years ago that have significantly increased my productivity. Noise Cancellation Eliminating distracting noises and ambient conversations allows me to complete tasks quicker and efficiently, especially when I’m working at coffee shops and restaurants. Visually Show Your Busy-ness Sometimes my slim pair of iPhone…   Read more

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Readable: A Pain Free Way to Read the Web

Finding a blog post that is exactly what I’m looking for is awesome. Having my reading interrupted by pop-up banners/headers/footers is not. Introducing Readable: Editor’s Note: The service Readable is based on, Readability, was a “bookmarklet,” or a tiny script packaged into a browser bookmark. When you click the bookmarklet in your browser, instead of…   Read more

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Will an iPad Make You More Productive?

These results are from a recent survey Google performed of how people used their tablet computers, the vast majority being iPads–source. I’ve owned an iPad (version 1) for four months and can say that I’m a more efficient consumer of information, but not any more efficient at production or task completion. There are two apps…   Read more

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Do You Have a Strong Week Plan?

One of my greatest weekly productivity challenges is minimizing time spent on short-term, low return activities. The Strong Week Plan, developed by Marcus Buckingham (author of Now Discover Your Strengths and many others), significantly helped me in this area. It’s founded on four questions: What percentage of last week did you spend doing things you…   Read more

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